Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Nanoscale Science and Engineering

GUSS units

Dr. Michael Hochella and the TITAN Microscope at NCFL

Thrust Leader: Michael Hochella 
Program Manager: Matthew Hull

ICTAS research in this thrust focuses on developing the understanding and control of matter at the nanometer scale, with an eye on developing new materials, devices, and systems for a wide spectrum of applications including those in electronics and computers, medicine and health, aeronautics and space, environment and energy, biotechnology and agriculture, and materials and manufacturing.

An example of a targeted area is ICTAS research in environmental nanoscience and technology. This research will provide new approaches for the characterization and understanding of anthropogenic-manufactured nanomaterials and their natural counterparts, and may result in methods for fast, real-time detection of both man-made and natural nanomaterials. This, in turn, will help understand their environmental fate and health impacts and will lead to safer protocols for manufacturing processes and utilization.

Other areas of research include nanosensors, carbonaceous nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes and nanohorns, nanodevices such as nanoknives and nanoforce transducers, and novel nanocomposites for a range of applications.

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