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Renewable Materials

Dr. Kevin Edgar

Thrust Leader Kevin Edgar

Thrust Leader: Kevin Edgar

Program Manager: Jeff Beeby

Current intense interest and rapid discoveries in biobased materials are rooted in society's desire to replace fossil-based fuels and materials with renewable resources and our growing ability to understand and manipulate biological systems. ICTAS effort in this area is on developing a comprehensive research and education program on biobased materials around three major thrusts: 1) the synthesis of novel polysaccharide derivatives, the development of methods to analyze, prepare, and determine the properties of selectively substituted polysaccharides of controlled monomer sequence, the physical chemistry of polysaccharide surfaces and nanoparticles, and the utilization of lignocellulosic materials in applications ranging from drug delivery to adhesion; 2) the chemistry of polypeptides, with emphasis on the control of polypeptide tertiary structure, the processing of polypeptides, the interaction of polypeptides with the human body, and the utilization of polypeptides for applications ranging from plastics to human implants; and 3) the chemistry, engineering, and biotechnology of fuel generation from biobased materials.


  • Bio-based Materials Design and Processing Group (BBMDPG): creating knowledge to enable efficient biorefining of bio-based materials, design of enhanced bio-based materials, and utilization of these materials in high performance applications that will facilitate creation of a sustainable, secure, environmentally benign, biorefinery-based economy.

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