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Dr. Marc Edwards

Thrust Leader Marc Edwards

Thrust Leaders: Marc Edwards and Amy Pruden
Program Manager:
Dennis Grove

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To meet our nation’s current and future water needs, ICTAS research in sustainable water technologies is focused upon improving water infrastructure and distribution, water remediation, water conservation, water and health, and creating new sources of water for our world. The thrust area catalyzes research at the interface between water infrastructure, health and the environment, by providing seed resources and infrastructure for multi-disciplinary efforts that characterize the complex water sustainability problems confronting society. Although not exclusive to our mission, we have selected three key Focus Areas for emphasis in strategic planning: 1) Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management (SWIM) will develop the understanding necessary to repair, replace and rehabilitate the nations decaying water infrastructure; 2) Water and Health is developing sound science to combat childhood obesity, childhood lead poisoning, human disease from pathogens that grow in building plumbing systems (e.g., Legionnaires disease and non-Tuberculosis Mycobacterial (NTM) infection), food safety and fetal development; and 3) Sustainable Watersheds/Ecosystems explores a diversity of topics including impacts of climate change on water quality and water supply, design of water supplies in green buildings, stream ecosystem health, water recycling/reuse, and interfaces between land use such as agriculture, grazing and stream ecosystems   The ICTAS Sustainable Water thrust area has a goal of becoming amongst the foremost research institutions in the world in each Focus Area.

  • Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management
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  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Watershed Management, including research on management of metropolitan bodies of water

  • Water and Health


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