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ICTAS Global

Transformative technologies require global intellectual and creative resources, and a sustainable future requires a global perspective. ICTAS is engaged in research and education collaborations around the world, driving innovation and helping train globally-engaged scientists and engineers. A selection of the institute's international activities are summarized below. 

Virginia Tech India Research and Education Forum

ICTAS and Outreach and International Affairs have spearheaded the creation of VTIREF, also known as VT, India, a nonprofit entity situated in Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu. Research at VT, India will initially focus on multifunctional and 2-D materials, sustainable water and energy, and bioinformatics and biotechnology. 


VT, India aims to be a premier institution advancing transformative research, education, and lifelong learning and promoting economic development that improves quality of life and preserves natural resources.




U.S. - China collaboration: Bats as model organisms for bioinspired engineering

Led by Rolf Mueller and Vinod Lohani, this REU program will support summer research in China for five Virginia Tech students. The students will spend ten weeks at the Shandong University – Virginia Tech International Laboratory in Shandong, China, studying native bats’ flight mechanics, biosonar, and neural control mechanisms. The IRES program helps develop globally-engaged scientists and engineers who can communicate and collaborate effectively across cultures.  

Bats’ flexible, jointed wings and compact biosonar systems enables them to them navigate complex natural environments, maneuvering deftly in thick forests and traveling in dense swarms without colliding. The IRES students will analyze the engineering underlying these remarkable adaptations, working alongside bat field biologists from Northeast Normal University in Manchuria. China has large and diverse bat populations, allowing the researchers to compare the anatomy and behavior of different species.  

The new grant builds on a fellowship program that has been supported by the College of Engineering and ICTAS. 


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