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Research Awards in 2008

A Visual Interface for Smart Vehicle Networks: A Flexible, User-Friendly Data Visualization Tool for Autonomous Vehicle Operators and Developers
Principal Investigator: N. Polys-CS
Co-Principal Investigator: C. Woolsey-AOE, D. Stilwell-ECE, A. Kurdila-ME

Cardiovascular Non-Invasive Diagnostics and Therapies
Principal Investigator: R. De Vita-ESM
Co-Principal Investigator: D. Leo-ME, T. Long-Chem, M. Paul-ME, M. Roan-ME, D. Tafti-ME, P. Vlachos-ME

Characterization and potential therapeutic intervention of human inflammatory network
Principal Investigator: L. Li -Biological Sciences
Co-Principal Investigator: J. Tyson-Biological Sciences, P. Carlier-Chem, H. Misra-VCOM, D. Capelluto-Chem, C. Lawrence-Biological Sciences, G. Wang-SBES, C. Rylander-SBES, N. Rylander-SBES

Cognitive Routing in Wireless Networks: Network Status Detection, Diagnosis and Response
Principal Investigator: Y. Yang-ECE
Co-Principal Investigator: A. Bell-ECE

Development of a Collaborative Laboratory for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research
Principal Investigator: M. Ellis-ME
Co-Principal Investigator: J. McGrath-Chem, R. Moore-Chem, D. Baird-CE, P. Zhang-BSE, M. von Spakovsky-ME, K. Lu-MSE, W. Reynolds-MSE

Development of Biosensors for Monitoring Engineered Nanomaterials in the Environment
Principal Investigator: P. Vikesland-CE
Co-Principal Investigator: M. Schreiber-Geosciences, M. Ehrich-Biomed, M. Hull-CE, B. Diesel-Geosciences

Integrated Analysis of Regulation by the Quorum-Sensing and CsrA Pathways in Bacteria
Principal Investigator: R. Kulkarni-Physics
Co-Principal Investigator: A. Stevens-Biological Sciences, A. Ritter-Physics

Non-Intrusive Monitoring for Gait and Posture for Fall Prevention for Telemedicine
Principal Investigator: T. Lockhart-ISE
Co-Principal Investigator: F. Quek-Computer Interaction and CS, M. Roan-ME, T. Martin-ECE, K. Roberto-Center for Gerontology, Y. Cao-CS

Positioning Virginia Tech to Significantly Enhance its External Grants and Activities in Water Quality and Urban Watersheds
Principal Investigator: J. Novak-CEE
Co-Principal Investigator: W. Hession-BSE , T. Grizzard-CEE, A. Godrej-CEE

SHOC Doc Mobil Unit- Safety and Health in Occupations Center (SHOC) Data in Occupations Collection (Doc) for on site research on occupational hazards
Principal Investigator: B. Kleiner-ICTAS and ISE
Co-Principal Investigator: M. Agnew-ISE. C. Evia-English, M. Madigan-ESM, T. Mills-Building Construction, A. Nieto-MME, M. Nussbaum-ISE, T. Smith-Jackson-ISE, T. Songer-CEE, W. Winchester III-ISE, D. Young-Myers-Lawson School of Construction

Smart Laboratories: Computer-Ready, Immediate Environments for the 21st Century Science
Principal Investigator: T. Kaur-VMRCVM
Co-Principal Investigator: J. Singh-VMRCVM, B. Schubert-College of Architecture and Urban Studies, R. Dunay-CAUS, N. King-CAUS, C. Clark-CAUS, C. Vorster, M. Gardener-CNS, B. Plymale-R & D Learning Technologies, W. Feng-CS

Turning Bytes to Knowledge Using Compositional Data Mining
Principal Investigator: N. Ramakrishnan-CS
Co-Principal Investigator: T. Murali-CS, L. Heath-CS, L. Watson-CS and Math, R. Helm-BioChem, C. Beattie-Math

VT-CogNet Virginia Tech Cognitive Radio Network
Principal Investigator: J. Reed-ECE
Co-Principal Investigator: T. Bose-ECE, C. Bostian-ECE, M. Buehrer-ECE, A. MacKenzie -ECE, M. Marathe-VBI and CS, S. Raman-_ECE, L. Da Silva-ECE, S. Sheetz-Acctg. Info. Sys., T. Smith-Jackson-ISE, C. Da Silva-ECE, W. Tranter-ECE, C. Zobel-Bus. Info. Tech

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